Lorna Garrity

Did you know words can be your superpowers?

The power of words. We see them, think them, speak them, but do we always pay attention to the power that they have throughout our lives? This poem sums it all up.

The power of words

You may think that they are slight
But they work endlessly day and night
They dance around in your thoughts
Erupting outwards in all forms and sorts

You see them endlessly wherever you look
Unconsciously reading as if life is a book
Many are random meaningless banter
Creating that simple connection we’re after

Some can cause hurt, suffering and pain
They linger in the mind and drive you insane
But they are something we can all control
If we avoid the ego and speak from the soul

Words can be everyone’s superpower
Applied with skill as delicate as a flower
Use them wisely and consider each one
For they have the power to uplift anyone

~Lorna Garrity, 2023

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