Lorna Garrity

About The Book

“Word Hunt Adventures” by Lorna Garrity is an immersive and thrilling puzzle book that takes readers on extraordinary journeys through fifteen historic towns, villages and cities in Northern England. This unique puzzle book combines the excitement of a treasure hunt with the joy of discovering the rich history and captivating beauty of the region.

Readers are invited to become detectives with each page, using illustrated maps and clever clues to hunt for hidden words scattered throughout beautiful locations. As families venture through the cobbled streets, towering castles, and ancient churches, they unravel the history and mysteries that lie within the towns.

Perfect for adventurers of all ages, “Word Hunt Adventures” challenges the mind and encourages families to explore picturesque wonders together, from York and Durham to Middleham and Goathland. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle lover or a curious beginner, this book promises an unforgettable and educational experience, creating lasting memories along the way.

About The Author

As a lover of adventure, Lorna deeply enjoys uncovering hidden treasures within the beautiful cities, towns, and villages that Britain is renowned for. It is this passion for exploration and her desire to share these wonders that inspired Lorna to create “Word Hunt Adventures,” a puzzle book designed to ignite curiosity, foster exploration, and create engaging experiences for families.

After many years working in the corporate world in Sydney, Australia, Lorna and her family returned to their home in the northern part of the UK, where they found a picturesque haven on the border of the Yorkshire Dales. Settling in the historic town of Richmond, complete with its castle and Abbey, Lorna’s soul found solace in the vast hills and green valleys, which became the perfect training ground for her avid trail running pursuits and her book creations.

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